Welcome to Kahuna Counseling...

"We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of the dreams."


Welcome to Kahuna Counseling. Music makers
and dreamers believe all things are possible
and use their innate intuitive gifts to make their lives and the world better. When we use our intuitive gifts, we help to keep the world moving forward - by dreaming and creating, by receiving messages and passing them along. Messages of
hope, positivity and clarity awaits each one of us.

Kerry Ann O’Rourke, R.N., MS, has been a Holistic Nurse Consultant for 12 years and has helped many clients to effectively integrate at physical, mental,  emotional and spiritual levels to achieve profound healing, greater peace, clarity and sense of life's purpose with her extraordinary gifts. Kerry Ann has the unique ability to unlock your sacred power and light through CranioSacral Therapy, Channeled Readings from Mary Magdalene, Christ Energy Chi Gong, Color Therapy, Nutrition and Vitamin Therapies, Food Testing, Breastfeeding Support, Newborn Care Teaching, Postpartum Wellness, Space Clearing and Feng Shui.

Kerry Ann has practiced Nursing for over 20 years, specializing in Pediatrics, Maternity and Pospartum/Nursery. Along with her extensive experience as a Registered Nurse, Kerry has been involved in nutrition, natural supplement therapies, energy healing and honing her intuitive gifts for over 25 years.



"Ua olaloko i ke aloha - he alii ka la'i, he ha ku'ulani na."

"Life is an echo - what you give out comes back." - Hawaiian  Proverb






Readings from
Mary Magdalene


Christ Energy
Chi Gong


Color Therapy


Nutrition and
Food Testing


Ear Coning


Space Clearing


















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