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e live in a fast-paced society. In the past few decades, our priorities have been focusing on work and financial success more than family and personal health and well-being. We have been living lives that are out of balance. Slowly, we have also become more and more aware of this imbalance and are looking for ways to set it right. Space Clearing and Feng Shui offers us that chance. 

Feng Shui is often called acupuncture for the home. Just as we need to align our bodies, we also need to bring harmony and balance into our physical space. This can appear to be an overwhelming task. Feng Shui helps us to recognize the problem, the goals and the steps we need to take to make them happen. 

We are beginning to realize that our surroundings do affect us. More and more people are beginning to throw around the word “energy.” At a time when we are burdened by stress, work, financial obligations and numerous responsibilities, many people need the help of a professional Feng Shui consultant. They need someone who can take a look at one’s home and lifestyle and find a way to make it more beneficial and more fulfilling.

Feng Shui is increasingly popular because it brings results. People are realizing that its design principles are practical and uplifting. Its philosophy is rewarding and fulfilling. Once people begin to put it to use, they begin to live Feng Shui. 

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is basically the practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony within the environment. It is an ancient Chinese practice, but is becoming increasingly popular in the West and physicists are now corroborating its many life changing benefits.

Feng Shui, in it earliest beginnings, relied upon astronomy to align humans and our surroundings with the universe. The Chinese used the celestial pole, determined by stars in the north and south, to align constructions on a north-south axis. The ancient Egyptians are also credited with an extraordinary understanding of energy and astronomy – evident in the pyramids throughout their culture. Modern science is only beginning to catch up in its understanding of the design principles implemented by these ancient cultures.

Feng Shui and Space Clearing is about the movement of chi or energy, it is also about common sense. Most of us can imagine or have experienced the effect a messy, dark and stagnant room can have on us psychologically - on our attitudes, moods and emotional health. We can also imagine the effect an open, colorful, clean and well-lit room would have on us – clear thinking and a greater sense of peace. It is hard to disagree with the premise that the placement of things profoundly affects our emotional and physical well-being – even how we relate to our world. 

Did you know that many strange and seemingly unrelated life issues and business concerns can be related to your current home or office?

So how do you know if you have bad Feng Shui and need
Space Clearing

  • Constant tiredness, continued sickness and lack of drive.

  • Continuous sore throats, chest problems, colds, headaches and skin rashes.

  • Unwanted negative thoughts, always thinking the worst.

  • Money comes in but goes out just as quick. · Constant arguments with partner and children.

  • Legal and lawsuit problems.

  • Behavioral or education problems with children.

  • Troubled or lack of relationships.

  • Walking in treacle (procrastination), two steps forward five back scenarios.

  • Feeling of impending doom.

  • Exhaustion, depression and nervousness.

  • Stale, lack of direction or motivation.

  • Nothing goes your way.

  • Car accidents or accidents involving metal.

  • Overall feeling of bad luck.

If your home or life isn't the success you dreamed of, this is your opportunity for your life to do a 180 turnaround. It doesn't matter what type of space you live in, or how much money you earn.


'Imi Ola

To seek the best life

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