Ear Coning


Ear Coning is a safe and effective remedy gently removing excessive ear wax, toxins, trapped fluid and relieving pressure from inside the ear canal.  Long tapered "cones" made from muslin and soaked in wax then dried.  The cones are then lit at the top and placed at the opening of the ear canal and as the heat travels down the cone into the ear canal smoke is released up the cone creating a painless vacuum suction gently dragging the ear wax, toxins, trapped fluid and pressure to the surface and into the cone.  

Some benefits to ear coning:  improved hearing, vision, smell, taste, balance, energy, color perception; eases sore throat, ear aches, removes parasites; decreases headaches, allergy symptoms, aids in emotional releases, relieves Swimmer's Ear and Meniere's Disease, detoxes the sinuses and lymph system.      

When used properly, the benefits of ear candling may include:

Clears wax & debris from the ear canal.

Relieves pressure from behind the eardrum.

Sharpens mental functions, vision, hearing, taste & color perception.

Eases earache, headache & sinus pressure, tinnitus, vertigo, allergies.

Helps to clear yeast, viral and bacterial toxins from the ear canal.

Increases psychic awareness.

Relaxation from the negative charge of the herbal smoke.



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