Wow! I had Violet color therapy done and I've had the best sleep of my life and my anxiety is much better! Can't wait to try my next color.

... Reading was AMAZING! Thanks for helping me regain my mental and physical health. I will recommend your psychic and medical intuitive readings to my friends.


... Spot on! I was skepical about psychic readings. You proved me wrong. How can you possibly know the things you know? My outlook has changed considerably.


You know more about me than I knew myself. Thank you.


CranioSacral Therapy? Chanelled Readings? Nah!!! Never!!! But I tried it. Thank you for showing me a path I should have known and followed years ago. Thanks to you I've learned to listen to my own messages.


I cannot believe the detail... and the accuracy! And thanks for the caring advice.


Your psychic readings are incredible. My sister and I both are still stunned by your confidence and clarity.


Why bother with psychic readings I thought. They are all the same Till I met Kerry Ann O'Rourke. Your readings have opened a whole new world of possibility for me. - Thank you!



"Nana I ke kumu"

"Look to your sense of place and sources of spirit and you find your truth."



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